Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scuba diving @ murdeshwar

we boarded a sea bird travels -isuzu bus from bangalore, However i recommend booking a KSRTC - volvo, since Seabird has a reputation of bad service, rash drivers and uncomfortable seats also an 8 hours journey usually takes 10 hours as they made last minute changes and we took a detour to the surrounding places.
murdeshwar happens to be the last stop and we decided to stay at Naveen beach resort,
I highly recommend this place as the rates are fairly good, 2+1 AC room is 2300 a day
also its right in front of the beach and the in-house restaurant is simply amazing.
murdeshwar beach is very pristine and totally unexploited. You also have speed boats, water scooter and other rides available, You can always talk to one of the fishing boats usually anchored on the other side of temple and take deep sea tour would cost you close to 2500 (make sure you carry a copy of your pan card).
The sea food is not only available in abundance but also cheaper than Bangalore.

We had opted for a discover scuba diving course with dreamz diving (5000 INR per person including pics)
trust me its worth every penny. The first morning we had a swimming pool session which included familiarization with the equipment and the next day would be the actual dive near a coral island called netrani.
It was one of the best times of my life as i found my self 15mtrs under the water among corals and pigeon fishes. its simply awesome and even better if you are a swimmer. (check my flickr page for pics). The 2 hour Journey to netrani is simply awesome, you can see loads of Grey dolphins hopping out every were around you and December brings whales.

Total cost : 7500 per person ( group of 3) bangalore - murdeswar - bangalore
(all costs included)