Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to impress girl during first meet - arranged marriage

1. Arrive in a sedan or SUV
2. Wear a good watch.
3. Smell good.
4. Carry an expensive looking phone.
5. Cut nails and keep finger nails clean.
6. Wear clean shoes & formal clothes. No sandal or flipflops. 
7. Allow her to talk and do not interrupt her with your own stories.
8. Do not boast.
9. Do not put your hands in your pocket while talking.
10. Buy her a cheap gift.
11. Ask her a small favor or opinion (such her views on a current affairs).
12. Try to imitate her body language while talking.
13. Give subtle hinds on what she stands to lose if she doesn't choose you.
14. It is good if she is around 3 years younger to you.
15. Do not talk about Dowry.
16. Ask her clever questions such as how has she prepared herself for wedding and post marriage life.