Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Error in storeUserConfig windows environment

Below is the error:

wls:/nm/formsdomain> storeUserConfig('D:\nm\nmuserconfigfile.secure','D:\nm\nmuserkeyfile.secure','true')
Currently connected to Node Manager to monitor the domain formsdomain.
Creating the key file can reduce the security of your system if it is not kept in a secured location after it is created. Do you want to create the key file? y or n  -> y
Error: Not able to write secret key file.  Check the location and priviledges of the specified file location.

1. Set the environment by using setdomainenv before executing storeUserConfig.
2. Ensure the folders have enough permissions where the .secure files are kept. 
3. Use \\ instead of \ in storeUserconfig command for example : D:\\nm\\nmuserconfigfile.secure\\
since windows has the habit of assuming \ as a char or special symbol, like \n is referred as new line it is best to give \\ to indicate a path.