Sunday, June 8, 2008

I can't forget that day

It was a fine afternoon, Life was good. I was in my 6th grade.
after lunch classes were spent, day dreaming about girls.
Then suddenly from no where the office assistant drops in to the class and shouts at the top of her voice. ROBBBBBIN The Pricipal wants to see you right away.

Man i froze. Stood up slowly, and walked right out with her and all this while the entire class has its eyes fixed on me.

On my way to the principals office all kinds of thoughts gripped me. Did he come to know about window i broke the other day, or the fight i had in the football field and broke rudy's teeth.

I walked right in and there stood before me a 500 pound grizzly. He turned to me and said, there was a call from your home, You are needed there, you may leave for the day. I was confused and it took a moment for everything to sink in.

Well there i was on my cycle, peddling as hard as i could up the mountain. I was sweating and confused. All kinds of thoughts were circling my mind. What might have gone wrong, Oh no, May be Dad...... or Mom............
Oh no Oh no.... I was close to crying.....
Finally i reached home and from a distance i saw a small crowd near the porch.
I slowly made my way throught he crowd and saw the door closed and one man was peeping in, through our window......
Suddenly dads voice startled me, I turned around , He said softly
Son, the keys are with you.


Scout said...

Hey! I remember this from the forum and had no idea it actaully happened to you ... and your parents. Very funny!

Scout said...

Whoa! Why does it automatically put me in as 'Scout'! :-(

winkie said...

COOL Maxie, can you post pictures here?

Spookieeee, it knows our real names......ummmm... does it know our real personslity's.

Hope you have full coverage insurance in case of 'Crash and Burn'.

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