Thursday, March 17, 2011

Managed server crashed due to oversized LDAP

weblogic server crashed and heap analysis shows ( as done from MAT tool) maximum memory was utilized by "" which is related to DB authentication.

In the directory ./servers/<server>/data/ldap/ldapfiles contains a very large data file.

took a backup of the ldap directory of the affected server. (./servers/<server>/data/ldap) and place it outside the domain.
stop the affected server, remove the ldap directory and start the server again. The server will pick up required ldap files from the admin server.

Any changes done on the LDAP side will result in size increase,

we can try setting a parameter which will limit the size of the file.
stop the domain
take a backup of
edit and place -Dmysize=100000000
after JAVA_OPTIONS= (usually found in the end of the file)
it will look like
set -Dmysize=100000000 %JAVA_OPTIONS%
we are trying to set size of as 100mb
save and restart domain


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