Monday, November 7, 2011

Activate changes taking long time

Activate changes was taking forever....
I went ahead and deleted crc.ser and ver.ser under
Then i found out that the config.xml copy under the different jvm's present in other physical machines are not similar in size.
restart those jvm's whose config.xml size is not equal to that of the admins.
Activate changes is working fine now.


Udaya said...

Great, this trick really worked for me :)

funkhouser said...

Great, this solution worked for me as well.
We have 7 node cluster - 1 for admin server and 6 for all the managed servers.
Admin console change activation were timing out with 10 minute timeout set.
My steps were -
# Shutdown the admin server only, keep all the managed servers up
# Remove the below contents on admin server node under
# /config/configCache
# /pending
# /servers/domain_bak
# Remove the below contents on the 6 other nodes
# /config/configCache
# Start the admin server
After the admin sever was up, change activation were taking about 5 seconds