Thursday, April 28, 2011

weblogic installation fail

Error message: A fatal error has occurred. This application will terminate.

User had downloaded a generic versoin of weblogic (64bit) which came as *.zip and had unzipped the file in linux to find a installer.jar file which she ran and received the error.

The generic file must be run the way it is ignoring the *.zip extension.
for 64 bit jvm ex: java -d64 -jar *
for 32 bit jvm ex: java -jar *
Provide full permissions to the file (chmod -r 777 *.zip)

Linux flavour template
$ java -d64<your temp dir> -jar wls1033_generic.jar -log=/tmp/wls.log

Windows template
d:\java -d64 -jar wls1034_generic.jar<your temp dir>

If you are unable to set the java try below:
/home/misc/jdk1.6.0_25/bin/java -jar wls1034_generic.jar -mode=console

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