Friday, April 22, 2011

weblogic nodemanager password change methods

Edit WLS config.xml and edit thelines:

Go to directory: domain_directory/config/nodemanager
Take a backupof file:
Find an entry hashed=uFiKcLvYU3x9r11u8tjZlRvwBr4\= and remove it
add credentials in simple text:

Log in to Admin Console and go to: DomainName -> Security tab-> General tab -> Advanced Options. Then change the property Credentials with the new password.

Also, in order to verify your changes you can connect to your Node Manager using the new credentials:
1 $ cd */oracle_common/common/bin
2 $
3 wls:/offline> nmConnect(domainName='robin_domain', username='User123', password='password123')
4 Connecting to Node Manager ...
5 Successfully Connected to Node Manager.
6 wls:/nm/test_domain> nmDisconnect()
7 Successfully disconnected from Node Manager.
8 wls:/offline> exit()

AuthenticationEnabled to “false” in the file to ignore what we are passing as part of user and password while connecting to the node manager. 

managed server not starting via nodemanager: ensure that the admin's ldap is copied over managed server's ldap. 

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